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Working with Europe

Supporting the creation of innovative projects and partnerships across Europe

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working with us


Do you need support and guidance to create your European project and to access European funding?


Would your organisation like to develop a long-term European strategy and train a European team?


Do you need professionals to review your application before you submit it?


Or, do you simple wish to discuss what European collaboration can do for your organisation?

Present us your idea, we assess its potential and start working to build a polished concept to be qualified and approved.

And we design it for submission.


We are always open to informal dialogues on possible European initiatives – through a meeting, through mail or skype…

From time to time we are quite busy doing application work, but we usually find a way…






We have developed a special 21st-century educational innovation approach called Mission Based Learning.

We collaborate with schools from many countries to implement this approach.

Impressions from 18 years in European collaboration - enjoy...


[All photos by Working with Europe - from locations in the UK, Wales, Poland, Holland, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, Israel, France, Romania, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Slovenia. Lithuania, Latvia and Catalonia]

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