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Working with Europe

Supporting the creation of innovative projects and partnerships across Europe

what we do


Working with Europe works closely with partners wishing to create educational, social and cultural innovation through European funding and collaboration.

The association professionals have in total created more than 50 very different European initiatives since 2000 and participated actively in most of them.


When partners contact us, we asses the potentials of the  proposed ideas, and if positively assessed, we work with the partner to develop a strong concept, to produce a qualified application, to form the partnership and to ensure a correct submission.


Our partners are very different: from universities, chambers of commerce, cultural institutions to schools, youth clubs, municipalities and serious games producers.


Examples of key thematics are capacity building of youth and other citizens (such as long-term unemployed, seniors and people in need of new life perspectives), open science schooling, entrepreneurial competence development, 21st century learning competences, creative use of media and social networks, social innovation, learning communities, innovation in education and promoting the increasing value of non-formal learning.


We are first of all focused on the Erasmus+ programme.






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