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Working with Europe

Supporting the creation of innovative projects and partnerships across Europe

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how we work


We work with our partners in very simple and transparent ways.


The association is non-profit and we normally do not charge partners for our services along the application production process, but create the needed economy through participation in granted projects, typically in limited roles working with evaluation, quality assurance and project management support.


This makes it possible for any organisation no matter its financial capacity to take part in European collaboration, and at the same time it strongly motivates us to do our very best to get the application granted.


The application process often lasts from 3 to 6 months during which we collaborate closely with the partner interested in creating one or more quality applications.


In certain cases we deliver training services to organisations who wish to develop long-term strategic involvement in Europe. The training normally takes place along a 6-12 months process in which we collaborate with and train a European team in the organisation. The training is always linked to the production of real applications.

In this case an simple agreement between Working with Europe and the partner organisation is drawn up.


From time to time we also deliver consultancy and guidance for organisations wishing to make their own way into European collaboration and funding.


In other cases we agree to collaborate in projects not designed and produced by Working with Europe - to help increase the quality and outcomes of the project.





who is this for


Partners, organizations, non-profits, associations, institutions ready to make a difference and improve our society, education and cultural challenges through a project they believe in.





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