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6 brandnew Erasmus+ projects will take off in autumn 2019

Study our 2019 Erasmus+ initiatives on this page

Working with Europe paper on radicalisation prevention


A 21st century education CREDO

Commission: critical questions to youth involvement in European projects

iYouth: creating innovation interest and capacity among young students

Working with Europe launching a number of highly innovative 2019 Erasmus+ projects

Explaining our Mission Based Learning approach - go see in  NEWS

Once upon a time we created the EU FAIRstart project - now look what happened...


Involving young students and seniors in Erasmus+ - find the papers in NEWS!

European democracies breaking down: read the New York Times article in the NEWS.

Commission published the EntreComp Guide: "EntreComp Into Action" March 2018 - get it in NEWS!

From role-model to terrorist

The Erasmus+ iCAP was granted in the UK August 2017

The Erasmus+ 30 months OPEN SCIENCE SCHOOLING was granted June 2017

The PRIDE project (Erasmus+ Youth) - Prevent Radicalisation through Identity Development - was granted April 2017

Many new Erasmus+ 2017 submissions

Promotion of Catalan participation in the Horizon Rural Cultural Heritage Call

Working with Europe has produced a small guidance paper for  knowledge partners  in Erasmus+ projects.

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empowerWOMENt approved

The new WWEU 2017 Erasmus+ initiatives

Horizon Science 4U submitted in August 2016


Sharing some steps on how to learn in the 21st century

Towards a paradigm shift in adult education


Third Europe granted


iYouth granted


Senior Social Entrepreneuring granted


CHRIS countering radicalisation in school granted



Mission based learning case



(An insignificant approach)


The Commission's new Entrepreneurial Competence Framework has now been published


Read the Newsletter from the challenging Erasmus+ NEET U project


The Erasmus+ project I am a Sport Entrepreneur - what R U? was granted in April 2016


The Working with Europe Newsletter April 2016 is available


Open the Doors kick-off: good consensus on what NEET youth need


Working with Europe engaged in a number of 2016 frontline initiatives


Working with Europe

Supporting the creation of innovative projects and partnerships across Europe


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Welcome to the Working with Europe retro website!


"Ask and it will be given to you;

seek and you will find;

knock and the door

will be opened to you.”


Take a close look at Marc Prensky's new global learning innovation project, the ARISE-NET-

Read the Intro to the network!

the Working with Europe mission


Creating real educational innovation based on European funding is attractive for many organisations across Europe; however European funding has become increasingly competitive and complicated.

Very many organisations – from schools to chambers of commerce and municipalities – do not feel able to address European funding in a qualified way.

These organisations would like to create European innovation, but they need considerable help, support and guidance.


Working with Europe was precisely created to deliver such help, support and guidance to our partners in Catalonia and across Europe and on very fair and favourable conditions.


The Working with Europe mission is to help partner organisations create innovative ideas, develop very qualified and competitive applications – and to help manage the project if granted and support the quality of the work processes and outcomes.


We primarily work in Erasmus+, but are open to work in any program addressing educational, societal, cultural and social change.


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Working with Europe Power Point presentation

The funding percentage of Erasmus+ projects in Europe was between 15 and 20% in the first period of the programme - depending on how you count.

Working with Europe's was 50% - no matter how you count!

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Working with Europe open discussion paper on radicalisation prevention

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Working with Europe on leadership in Erasmus+


Many Erasmus+ projects lack clear leadership, making it difficult to implement the projects' innovation.

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Working with Europe new services 2018-20

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Invitation to the UBL network - towards a European leadership

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Invitation to the Open Science Schooling network - towards a European leadership

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Excited iCAP students from all over Europe May 2019...